Serverless Platform for Ruby and Crystal

Build serverless applications using functions, deploy to any cloud and scale without cold starts. Faster than Lambda, as easy as Heroku.

The only FaaS platform built for Ruby

No Cold Starts

Build snappy web applications, and run it up to 20x faster than on AWS Lambda

Ruby and Crystal

You can use Ruby and Crystal
in the same app. How cool is that?

Schedule periodic runs

In plain English or Cron syntax

Get started with faastRuby Local

1. Install the Gem

~$ gem install faastruby

2. Create a Project

~$ faastruby new-project my-project

3. Develop with faastRuby Local

~/my-project$ faastruby local

Real-time cloud sync from your favourite code editor

Nobody likes Cloud/Web IDEs. Enable faastRuby Local Sync and your updates will get pushed to the cloud right from your favourite code editor. No plugins or extensions required. Just a little bit of magic.

~/my-project$ faastruby local --sync

See it in action

Hosted at Digital Ocean
Run the examples below a few times so you get a sense of the average execution time.

Hello, World!

def handler(event)
  render text: 'Hello, World!'

Fetch Dad Jokes API

require 'rest-client'
def handler event
  # Making a request to an external API
  # adds a few hundred ms to the execution time
  json = RestClient.get "https://icanhazdadjoke.com/", accept: :json
  joke_hash = Oj.load(json)
  render text: joke_hash['joke']
# Many thanks to https://icanhazdadjoke.com

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faastRuby + HyperStack = full stack Ruby apps!

If you think JavaScript is your only option for the front-end, think again.

Hyperstack is a Ruby DSL, compiled by Opal, bundled by Webpack, powered by React.