About faastRuby

faastRuby is a company based in Halifax, Canada that is focused on dramatically simplifying the way developers develop, test and run software in the cloud.

Our story

Created by industry veterans with a combined 40 years experience in the software development and enterprise technology space, faastRuby is a software and infrastructure company focused on drastically simplifying the way developers develop and run software in the cloud.

We believe this technology will have a huge impact in serverless adoption. Functions will no longer be seen as only good for glue code or data processing workloads, but as the building blocks for fast, scalable and resilient applications, capable of providing delightful mobile and web experiences without delays.

Our views on serverless

The term “serverless” is one of the biggest misnomers in modern tech. After all, servers will always be required to run applications. To us, serverless describes the user experience achieved when developers are entirely abstracted from operational decisions.

Many serverless companies talk about the cost savings benefit of spinning up and down infrastructure on demand, though the validity of that is questionable (see: The Hidden Costs of Serverless.) We are firm believers that there is tremendous value in serverless, but the faster path to value is by focusing on removing the operational complexity of running applications so that developers can work faster!


Are you excited about the future of serverless and want to be a part of building it? Check out our job listings and contact us with a copy of your CV and links to any of your work

Software Developers - We're looking for developers who know ruby/crystal/javascript to help us on our mission to make serverless better.

Infrastructure Engineers - We're looking for infrastructure engineers who know Kubernetes to help us scale our platform to the moon!