faastRuby announces intent to open source its platform to help accelerate serverless adoption

SAN FRANCISCO (Redisconf19), April 1, 2019 — faastRuby, A serverless startup based in Halifax, Canada, today announced its intent to open source its entire platform in an effort to encourage and enable community collaboration and development.

faastRuby is a serverless software development platform for Ruby and Crystal developers that provides users with everything they need to develop, test and run serverless applications built with functions with no operations. Users develop and test their applications locally before synchronizing their code to live staging environments in the cloud. When ready, their applications are deployed to production with a single command and are available on-demand via HTTP endpoints.

Up until now, only the development toolset, faastRuby Local, was open sourced. With this announcement, the entire codebase, including faastRuby’s Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) platform faastRuby Cloud, will be open sourced. The FaaS platform leverages a new, unique compute construct called Runners which eliminate cold start times - a well documented problem with 1st generation serverless offerings. A Runner is a secure, stateless, always-running compute unit capable of accessing any function code instantly at the moment of execution, eliminating cold start times.

“We feel as though we’ve built something that will help the industry adopt serverless with more confidence.” said Paulo Arruda, co-founder and CTO, faastRuby. “Moving forward, it is critical that we share and collaborate with the community to continue this trajectory of innovation in an open, transparent way.”

faastRuby was built by Arruda in the Fall of 2018 as a proof-of-concept after he saw the online petition “We Want Serverless Ruby.” Arruda released a Ruby Gem for the project as well as free tier that allowed developers to build, test and run serverless applications for free with no signup required. In the first six months, the faastRuby CLI was downloaded over 10,000 times, growing only by word of mouth in the Ruby and Crystal communities.

About faastRuby

Created by industry veterans with a combined 40 years experience in the software development and enterprise technology space, FaaStRuby is a software and infrastructure company based in Halifax, Canada that is focused on drastically simplifying the way developers develop and run software in the cloud.

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