Introducing Templates: A way to share your Serverless Functions with the Community

We’ve been thrilled with the adoption of FaaStRuby since we started in September 2018. Since then, the FaaStRuby Gem has been downloaded almost 7000 times on rubygems.org! Early users have been busy building simple, yet powerful Ruby functions and applications, and many have expressed interest in releasing them back to the community.

# of FaaStRuby Download on rubygems.org
  • One user has contributed a template that parses SendGrid incoming webhooks.
  • One user is working on a serverless Slack authentication app that will automate the process of inviting new team slack members to your workspace.
  • We’re in the early stage of building the FaaStRuby GUI as functions running on the platform

To help foster the growth of this budding ecosystem, we’ve introduced the concept of “templates” into version 0.4.16. Templates allow users to create a FaaStRuby function and save it to a public Git repository with a readme explaining how to use the function. Other users will then be able to deploy that function template into their own workspace with a single command:

~$ faastruby new FUNCTION_NAME --template TYPE(local|git|github):SOURCE


# Use a template from a Github repository:
~$ faastruby new my-function --template github:faastruby/hello-world-ruby-template

# Use a template from a Git repository:
~$ faastruby new my-function --template git:git@github.com:FaaStRuby/hello-world-crystal-template.git

# Use a template from the local disk:
~$ faastruby new my-function --template local:/path/to/template

If you’re interested in getting started with using templates and sharing your creations back with the community, there are a number of highly desired functions that have been requested by our users:

  • Authentication and authorization for 3rd party services like Stripe
  • Slackbots
  • Alexa @ Google Home skills
  • IFTTT integration

If you have any questions about templates or how to contribute and feature your project on FaaStRuby, be sure to join our slack channel.