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Since we launched faastRuby in October 2018, our Gem has been downloaded over 9,000 times ! Explore our community and learn how to get started with faastRuby.

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Nesta quarta-feira, dia 13/02, às 20h (ainda no horário de verão de Brasília), vamos conversar com o Co-Fundador da Plataforma faastRuby, Paulo Arruda e também com o Sérgio Lima, autor de artigos no blog, inclusive do mais recente com este tema faastRuby.

Jamie Gaskins discusses his experience using AWS Lambda and the Serverless Framework to build serverless functions in Ruby and then compares it to using faastRuby. Within 10 minutes he went from nothing to having a Crystal function available at an API endpoint with faastRuby vs. 4 hours with Lambda!

Olá amigos developers, quero compartilhar com vocês uma das mais emergentes tecnologias para Cloud Computing. Estou falando sobre as “functions as a service” ou FaaS.

RWPod season 6, episode 41: Working with Thread in Ruby, Rails 5: Matching Asset URLs in Feature Specs и faaStRuby - a serverless platform built for Ruby developers

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Templates allow developers to create faastRuby functions and share them with the community. Save your community template to a public Git repository with a readme explaining how to use the function. Other users will then be able to deploy that function template into their own workspace with a single command:

~$ faastruby new FUNCTION_NAME --template TYPE(local|git|github):SOURCE

Sendgrid Ruby Template

Use this template to parse SendGrid incoming webhooks.
by @cwise

Landing Page Template

Use this template to build a simple landing page with email capture.
by @sergiosouzalima

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