Three simple consumption models to support your journey to serverless Ruby functions and web applications

Free Tier

Fully hosted & managed
Capped usage
Community support


per runner per month

Fully hosted & managed
Uncapped usage
Priority email support

Self Hosted

Deploy to any infrastructure
Priority email & chat support

Pricing FAQ

How does the FREE Tier work?

Currently, only the Free Tier version of the platform is live with SaaS and Self Hosted versions available soon. When you deploy functions from the FaaStRuby CLI, those functions will be deployed by a cloud-based, multi-tenant control plane to runners hosted on infrastructure that is fully managed by us.

How does billing work?

The Free Tier, our current offering, is provided for free. The SaaS model that will  be launched later in 2019 will be a unique consumption model where users are billed per runner per month.

What is a “Runner” ?

A Runner is a secure, stateless, always-running, state-of-the-art compute unit capable of accessing any function code instantly at the moment of execution, eliminating cold start timesRunners take care of everything required to run and scale to run your code with high availability and are fully managed by FaaStRuby.

Runners are also the unit for which usage and billing is determined and are billed at $5 per month per runner.